Valley of the Waves
Sun City Resort South Africa

Your Information Guide to Valley of the Waves at Sun City Resort in South Africa. Enjoy family fun at the wave pools and various rides and activities.

In the heart of this ancient volcano, according to the legend, a great civilisation arose. The peace-loving nomads from the north settled in this lush green valley, where they built their spectacular Palace, surrounded by abundantly flowing waters and beautiful gardens.

After an earthquake destroyed their home, the people fled and eventually, the Palace and its city became completely overgrown. Centuries later, a modern explorer stumbled upon this Lost City. The Palace was restored to its former glory, and re-opened in 1992 as part of the amazing Lost City development at Suncity Resort.

The Valley of Waves is open daily, from 09h00 until 18h00 in summer and 10h00 until 17h00 in winter (May to August). There is an astounding variety of adventures waiting to be discovered and enjoyed here.

Please note The Valley of Waves at Suncity Resort will be closed from 13 May to 21 June 2024 for annual maintenance.

Day Visitors - Valley of the Waves entry fee

Guests staying at one of the Sun City hotels, have free access to Valley of the Waves. Day visitors will have to pay to enter Valley of the Waves.

  • Adults: R395 Weekdays / R450 Weekends
  • Children (3 -12 years): R290 Weekdays / R350 Weekends
  • Children under 2 : Free

* Prices are subject to change without notice

Day Visitors - Please Note

Each Adult & Child must pay an entry fee when arriving at the Sun City Resort gates before getting to Valley of the Waves.

This means day visitors must also pay to enter the Sun City Resort and then also pay the separate entry fee to the Valley of the Waves (See rates listed above).

Siyabona Africa does not take Day Visitor bookings

Diamond & Gold Mines

After the earthquake destroyed the ancient civilisation, the old diamond and gold mines were partly flooded and today provide thrilling semi-submerged waterslides as they twist down Slide Hill.

The Tarantula is a thrilling experience - surrounded by darkness, armed with nothing else but a tube, you charge through channels of mountain terrain at breathtaking speed. Echoing your own screams of terror is the person hurtling down the mountainside behind you.

The Bridge of Time

This impressive bridge, guarded by mighty Elephants, serves to link the Hall of Treasures in the Lost City Entertainment Centre with the Valley of Waves. In order to protect the incalculable riches, which lie hidden in the Hall of Treasures, an ingenious mock-volcano regularly erupts, causing smoke and lava to bellow forth from deep within the Temple of Creation.

Sacred River Ride

This underground river endlessly meanders around the Island of the Valley of Waves for 500 metres, carrying two million litres of water and joyful children, gently bobbing along the ripples of water in brightly coloured tubes.

Roaring Lagoon

The Roaring Lagoon is an adrenaline junkie's fix. Every 90 seconds, a siren wails the advent of an assault on your senses. A 1.2m high wave with a velocity of 35kms per hour crashes against the sandy beach pulling with it a delighted human wall.

Temple of Courage

Brave-hearts drop 17 metres down a 70 metre chute, hurtle under a bridge and plunge into the sparkling pool below - not for the faint hearted.

The Kong Gates

These massive gates guarded the entrance to the Valley, and can still be seen today.

Monkey Spring Plaza

The Monkey Spring Plaza commemorates the troop of monkeys, which saved the ancient tribe from starvation during a terrible drought.

Sway Bridge

This bridge was devised by the King to entrap those who wished harm to the Royal Family. It creaks and sways as it spans the yawning chasm over the cascading waters below.

Hidden Cave Falls

Follow the Hippo Gorge Trail from the foot of the Royal Staircase to the Hidden Cave Falls.

Royal Staircase

The Royal Staircase links the Valley of Waves to the Palace of The Lost City via the Old East Gate Bridge.

Adventure Path

The Adventure Path links the Rain Forests across the Royal Staircase.

Gong of the Sun Lion

This beautiful gong saved the ancient people by summoning them to the safety of the Royal Arena shortly before the earthquake devastated their homes.

Royal Baths

These Royal Baths, whose tepid waters were reputed to have healing powers, were originally built over a natural spring.

Royal Arena

This beautiful amphitheatre creates an impressive venue for cocktail parties, product launches and theatre acts.

Observatory Bar

Overlooking the Lake of Peace and the Valley of Waves, liquid refreshments are available daily from 10h00 until 18h00 in summer, and until 17h00 in winter.

The Lazy River

For the less adventurous at heart - take a relaxing ride around the Royal Baths as you glide slowely along the Lazy River.

Baby Changing Station

Available at the ladies' and the gents' toilets next to the locker.

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